Take Out

Aditya Srinivasan
2 min readOct 24, 2020

There was a man with a simple life,

Take a lady out on a date,

Stab her through her heart with a knife

So she could meet her fate.

Many a lady would see the blade,

Their eyes would start to flood.

Not soon after, their world would fade,

His hands red with their blood.

He’d say to them, with knife in heart,

Before for help they cry,

“Death is life and life is death.

Today you had to die.”

But one day, knocked on his door,

A maiden with just one leg.

In her smile, his sanguine world,

Shattered like an egg.

Her gentle eyes took away his breath

And warmed his frozen heart.

His foulest thought, his lust for blood

Completely torn apart.

She said most innocently, through her smile

“On Chinese shall we dine?”

He drew out his phone and made the call

while she poured out the wine.

He looked at her with not a strife

And thought with a forlorn sigh,

‘Life is death and death is life

But today you shall not die.’

The night drew on, but he noticed not

Drowned deep within her eyes

But then stifled a cough, saying i should go

He then began to rise

At this point his eyes chanced upon

Her glass of wine so full

It soon hit him like a train,

Reality, cold and cruel.

His throat grew dry, his eyes grew red

He was clearly all but fine

Her smile turned to ice as she said,

“Well, how was the wine?”

The question ‘why?’ slipped from his mouth

And she did slowly reply:

“Death is life and life is death

And this time you shall die.”

She’d duped him, made out of him a fool

His past misdoings fed.

He looked up at her one last time

Then fell to the floor, dead.